How to get married in the metaverse? Tying the nuptial knot virtually!

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has immense potential. During the Covid-19 outbreak, the world realized that by leveraging VR technology humankind can mitigate the challenges, that the 2019 pandemic brought with it. Human history has been a journey from ignorance to knowledge. VR technology’s potential to fix modern-day challenges spurred its growth and adoption by all of us.

Understanding METAVERSE

Metaverse is a transformative technology that brings real and digital worlds together by the seamless integration of VR and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Putting it simply, Metaverse is a virtual 3D world that enables users to create their 3D avatars and explore an immersive environment.

So far we have understood:

Virtual reality solves the challenges existing due to minimal face-to-face interactions post-Covid. Metaverse is its most transformative and advanced implementation.

The most successful and groundbreaking technology is one that has wide implementation and usability. VR emerged as one because it serves as a utility across all sectors and aspects of life. From corporate meetings to webinars, events and marriages are happening online.

In 2020 a couple from the United States became the first to get married online over Zoom and since there have been many. Fast forward to 2022, a couple after being married at an in-person ceremony hosted another ceremony virtually and became the first couple to get married in the Metaverse.

Another couple from Tamil Nadu is all set to host their reception in Metaverse and the 3D environment will be based on the Hogwarts theme. The couples and attendees will have personalized 3D avatars. The guests will be able to interact with the bride and groom, give them gifts and interact with other guests.

As the new variant tightens its grip again and limitations concerning in-person events, marriages in Metaverse could be seen as an alternative to such public gatherings offline. More people will be able to attend the wedding even if located a thousand miles away.

In the post-pandemic world, real venues are getting replaced by online virtual event platforms resulting in a lesser requirement for physical presence. So now the question is how does one get married in a Metaverse and how Dubai Metaverse is the right place to tie the nuptial knot.

Creating your dream wedding setup

Metaverse is a seamless technology that has little to no limitations when it comes to creating environments. It goes beyond the real-world settings, a couple can not only create their 3D avatars but also their dream wedding set-up in an immersive 3D world. Dubai Metaverse offers customizable immersive 3D spaces to host wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Endless Space

Another advantage is that Metaverse platforms like Dubai Metaverse offer unlimited space which is otherwise a big challenge when you plan your wedding at a physical venue. With Metaverse you will never run out of space.

Audio & Visual Features

A mix of the spatial audio, 3D visuals, and web conferencing features that Dubai Metaverse offers, add to the party fever. Attendees can groove to the latest dance numbers, have private conversations, and present live images and videos.

The trend is likely to catch up soon. It will inspire couples to shift from in-person ceremonies to an immersive 3D world where imaginations run wild.

So are you in, or are you out when it comes to hosting or even attending virtual weddings? For those of you mulling on how to hold your wedding ceremony in the Metaverse, it is time you talk to us.

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